Oversized Transport

We would like to invite you to use the services of our company within the scope of oversize cargo transport.

Oversize cargo transport is supported by specially adjusted cars that can transport such cargos as: steel structures, tanks, containers, belt conveyors, crushers, yachts, non-standard cargo/objects up to 250 tons and 50 metres of length. 

We also offer transport of building and agricultural machines as well as windmills.

Transport of oversize cargo has to be thought through in detail and we take special care of it. It is often necessary to engage pilots who will take care of road traffic safety during large cargo transport. Our experience in the country and abroad allows us to perform tasks in a very short time, concurrently maintaining high quality of provided services. Taking care of our Customers, we provide not only road transport and, in consequence, all formalities connected with the order, but we also ensure determination of the travel route, changes in road traffic organisation, obtaining proper permits, piloting, police escort, cargo insurance, transport under TIR carnet.

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